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Our specialty is building stunning, holistic visual brands, but we’re no strangers to cranking on a captivating pitch deck either.

Sora Union

The Sora Team

“I feel the support of all the team members and it makes me happy, that we are not alone in this world and there are a lot of people in different countries who care about Ukraine and Ukrainians.”

Maryna Rakovska, Brand Designer

Sora Union is a professional services company that works with companies, organizations and governments to deliver world-class design, localization and translation projects. The Sora Union team is made up of fully-distributed, diverse, and talented professionals impacted by or at-risk of displacement due to conflict or climate change. Sora Union is an All Turtles company.

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Join our “Speak Ukraine” Campaign

Please join the movement to Speak Ukraine and sustain the Ukrainian culture, people and language.

Why Sora

Design benefits from a diverse team that brings insights from around the world. You might not know your blind spots. We do. Design for the most inclusive audience possible by working with top global talent.

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Pricing and Structure

All design projects start with a dedicated design manager and team. (We call them creative pods.) We facilitate a co-design process that includes a written brief, kickoff, interim review, and final review.

Time and Materials

Sign an agreement to get started. We charge by the hour using a transparent rate card for creative team members starting from $65 per hour. Add on scope or stop any time.

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Our most popular service is helping startups and enterprises take their products global with multilingual end-to-end partnership. But, we can translate just about anything. Bonus points for unique requests.